The planning of this trip started since June 2017, after returning from the self-planned solo Amsterdam trip. The notion of train ride has been there all this while - which I think, would offer a totally different experience. Looked up for various popular train rides in Australia and Canada, that possibly landed up with overnight rides. In addition, June would be a good time to go places that are less accessible in December. Heard of the amazing scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Heard about memorable rides, too. (Oh yes, I remember what Peter told me when we were colleagues back in NAS, before his retirement.) While I was examining the various packages offered by the Rocky Mountaineer, a tinkle came... and a chat started with a service personnel! That's the wonders of technology and it has helped me to make a choice, too!


Here's the overview of the 'stops' we made along our train journey.

In Vancouver, on our own, we went as far as North Vancouver - to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and as far south as to Richmond, when we visited cousin May & Ricky.

Here's a closer look at downtown Vancouver where we spent a few days roaming around :)
Indeed, by the time we were about to leave, I truly feel like what some locals said, actually downtown Vancouver is quite 'walk-able' and easy to venture around.

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