The planning of this trip started since June 2017, after returning from the self-planned solo Amsterdam trip. The notion of train ride has been there all this while - which I think, would offer a totally different experience. Looked up for various popular train rides in Australia and Canada, that possibly landed up with overnight rides. In addition, June would be a good time to go places that are less accessible in December. Heard of the amazing scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Heard about memorable rides, too. (Oh yes, I remember what Peter told me when we were colleagues back in NAS, before his retirement.) While I was examining the various packages offered by the Rocky Mountaineer, a tinkle came... and a chat started with a service personnel! That's the wonders of technology and it has helped me to make a choice, too!


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2 June 2018 (Saturday)
Departed Singapore in the morning. Arrived in Hong Kong by noon.
Board the flight in the afternoon and arrived Vancouver in the same day, afternoon.
Note: Vancouver time is 15 hours behind Singapore's.

Evening: Took the aqua-bus to Granville Island.
Most of shops and markets were closed, except a handful of eating places.
We had dinner in Granville Island.

3 June 2018 (Sunday)

4 June 2018 (Monday)

Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West (Day 1): Vancouver to Kamloops

5 June 2018 (Tuesday)

Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West (Day 2): Kamloops to Banff

6 June 2018 (Wednesday)

On motor coach:

7 June 2018 (Thursday)

Rocky Mountaineer: Journey through the Clouds (Day 1): Jasper to Kamloops

8 June 2018 (Friday)

Rocky Mountaineer: Journey through the Clouds (Day 2): Kamloops to Vancouver

9 June 2018 (Saturday)


10 June 2018 (Sunday)


11 June 2018 (Monday)


12 June 2018 (Tuesday)


13 June 2018 (Wednesday)


14 June 2018 (Thursday)

The morning passed leisurely, and we had ample time to have a tim-sum breakfast before leaving for the airport earlier than usual. This gave us more than enough time to shop around in the Hong Kong Airport.