The planning of this trip started since June 2017, after returning from the self-planned solo Amsterdam trip. The notion of train ride has been there all this while - which I think, would offer a totally different experience. Looked up for various popular train rides in Australia and Canada, that possibly landed up with overnight rides. In addition, June would be a good time to go places that are less accessible in December. Heard of the amazing scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Heard about memorable rides, too. (Oh yes, I remember what Peter told me when we were colleagues back in NAS, before his retirement.) While I was examining the various packages offered by the Rocky Mountaineer, a tinkle came... and a chat started with a service personnel! That's the wonders of technology and it has helped me to make a choice, too!

Makan @ Rocky Mountaineer

Breakfast and Lunch were included in the Rocky Mountaineer train rides. We were pampered with almost non-stop flow of food and drinks. Below are some what's served in (in the SilverLeaf package):

From Vancouver to Kamloops:

The morning ride always start with a glass of fruit juice - to toast for a great journey for the day.

The chef (assigned to our car), Megan - went around to serve the meals.

Cut fruits is the first item in the breakfast menu...

... to go with freshly baked scone, to be served with whipped butter and strawberry jam.

Here's the main course - cheese omelette

 or the Parfait

Salad for Lunch

Followed by the main course: Braised beef short ribs

or grilled salmon

Here's the tea and brownie (served with gooseberry) to complete the meal

The menu

Nuts, Chocolates and Spicies were served in-between
(this was common for all the routes)

Tomato juice... 

From Kamloops to Banff:

This is something unique - apple juice mixed with cranberry juice. Sweet and light.

As usual, it started off with fruits and bread

Both the french toast and egg scramble came with crispy bacon strips, that stole limelight of the main course.

The salad headed the lunch menu.

 Main course: Prawn or Pork

To complete the course with a slice of cheese cake.


From Jasper to Kamloops:

Getting ready for the meal.

The menu

Maddison, the chef who took care of our meals.


From Kamloops to Vancouver:
It's exactly the same as the one from Vancouver to Kamloops.

The menu

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